what's important in the concrete jungle has little effect on a mind outside

go outside

watch the clouds traverse the sky 

listen to the river 

touch the mos 

smell the air

and taste the freedom

there's a world out there

disconnected from yours

yet connected with the rest


 lose yourself in it




i'm moving forward. away from what's behind,

toward the light of somewhere else i'd rather be.

the path ahead, never fully illuminated.

endlessly, it twists, turns and expands past my vision.

like a magnet unable to stop the force of the pull which calls it,

 i'm drawn to the promise of the unknown

blindly, i move.


we took the scenic route

made frequent stops

enjoyed the journey


it felt right

beauty in the bloom

a sea of blooms and beauty

one flower yet to burst

it's ready when it's ready

it need not be first

there is beauty in the bloom

and it will burst when it bursts

summer sun

the summer sun is slowly fading

hold onto the warmth of the light just a little longer


_MG_0452 2.jpg

There are moments of darkness that consume me from time to time. Sometimes I get lost in them. Sometimes I drown. But these moments, however much they taint my perspective or tear at my heart, gift me with depth and understanding when they pass. I suffer them. I endure them. And then I rise and thank them.

I couldn't appreciate the light had I never endured the dark.

beauty of simplicity


to notice and appreciate detail is to simplify the vast.

i'm fascinated with the beauty of simplicity.

i've been introspective lately.

lost in thought yet highly in-tune and

beholden of the beauty around me

the soft morning light peered through my windows

illuminating my plants

a sight which inspired my inner creative to play

my plants, my camera, my almond eyes...

today i played, tomorrow i hide

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Photography and Visual Stories by

Seattle, Washington