Seattle Shutdown

Updated: Mar 18

Capitol Hill Neighborhood

Monday, March 16th, 2020

Gov. Jay Inslee announced a statewide order to shut down restaurants, bars, entertainment and recreational facilities due to the coronavirus. Within the last 48 hours, Seattle has almost completely shut down, leaving many without an income or job security.

People wandered the streets of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, more than usual it seemed, for a Monday afternoon. It almost felt normal, like walking through the city on a beautiful sunny day - until I started looking inside the businesses I walked past. Empty, everywhere was empty. Restaurants, bars and businesses, void of human presence. It felt eerie, like a ghost town right in the middle of Seattle's social scene.

I saw one or two employees working inside a few restaurants, waiting to fill to-go orders. I didn't see many people inside the businesses, everyone was wandering around outside.

The Capitol Hill QFC was buzzing with business, as expected. I walked around to see what type of food and supplies were low or out of stock. Meat, frozen pizza, cold medicine, toilet paper, canned food, and ramen were among the shortage. There was still a decent stock of other food items like fresh fruit, vegetables, and beer.

Back on the streets, Honey Hole was closed and decorated with signs to the city, their customers, and Jeff Bezos. An employee at Comet Tavern reported that they would be closed for at least two months. They boarded up the windows to prevent vandalism while they were out of business.

Many restaurants, bars, gyms, and other businesses are shutting down for 2 weeks - 2 months, laying off industry employees left and right. Some businesses are forced to shut down for good. Some Seattleites are lucky enough to work from home, but many are losing their jobs or job security during the Seattle shutdown.

A Visual Narrative by Heather DuBrall

* Edit: renamed to "Seattle Shutdown"

Gov. Inslee orders statewide shutdown of restaurants, bars; further limits gatherings


Photography by Heather DuBrall

Monday, March 16th, 2020

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Seattle, Washington