A few members of our store teamed up with Puget Soundkeeper Alliance to help remove trash from Lake Union in Seattle, WA.

Together, the group paddled to the south end of Lake Union and collected trash along the shoreline. Bottle caps, cigarettes butts, bits and pieces of plastic and Styrofoam, and even some syringes were pulled from the water.

In the designated time, the team of six removed a total of 50lbs of trash from the lake.

During this volunteer activity, our associates learned about water pollution and joined in on the reduction effort – all while kayaking on a beautiful morning!

It was a great way for our team to get outside and help make a difference in the community.

Special thanks to Northwest Outdoor Center for supplying the kayaks for our team!

If you want to help protect and preserve the waters of the Puget Sound, visit for information and opportunities.


Get involved to help strengthen your community and preserve the environment and remember,

Never Stop Exploring!

Photography & Writing by Heather DuBrall

*Shot on Galaxy Note V


Photo & Story by Heather DuBrall

Rosie is a Seattle-based yoga teacher who expresses her vibrant creativity through movement, writing, and the performing arts.

In 2012, Rosie stepped onto the mat for the first time and was immediately drawn to the practice. Yoga became a form of expression. She quickly became devoted and challenged herself to strengthen her practice over time.

Since then, she’s traveled to Costa Rica and Nicaragua to train for her 200 and 500-hour RYT. Rosie has always been drawn to the natural world and it was during her training that she realized she could intertwine the thrill of adventure with her underlying passion for art. Rosie is inspired to travel, teach, and create all over the world.

One of her most influential adventures was a work-trade opportunity to teach yoga in the Dominican Republic, which shares the same island as her birth country. After the work-trade, she traveled to Haiti to reconnect with her family and her birthplace, which she hadn’t seen since her adoption. The experience was beyond words for her, it took a lot of practice and soul-searching to process the magnitude of it after being away for so long.

She’s getting ready to release her self-published book, “Sustenance,” a book of poems of her raw exploration of self-identity.

Rosie has dedicated herself to contributing to the yoga and art community here in Seattle while simultaneously spreading awareness and donating back to her birth country, Haiti. Rosie is planning to host a yoga, adventure, service retreat in Haiti to once again help her community flourish.


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Photography and Visual Stories by

Seattle, Washington